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tao sunrise

Luxury Condo Complex with spacious rooms and beautiful resort style leisure grounds.

Award winning design that resonates with metropolitan ideals and lushly landscaped environments.

Transportation at it's finest. Experience first class travel with exquisite features or state of the art mobile office technology.


All inclusive Beachfront Resort. Sophisticated, stylish and modern,

cafe luxe

One of the finest organic fine foods restaurant in South Florida. Enjoy contemporary, gluten free or vegan dishes.


Real Estate Property Rentals

The Wilcheck Enterprise (WE) owns Condominium Properties in the USA and Spain. Enjoy breathtaking views, panoramic settings and a great vacation experience.   

Mont Concierge

The Wilcheck Enterprise (WE) has brought to South Florida, MOVA Inc.  Fully customized Mobile Office Vehicles with access to a network of Luxury Jets, Vacation Yachts and State Wide Travel Helicopters. Experience travel at it's best.

Bar & Restaurants

The Wilcheck Enterprise (WE) has partnered and invested in some of the foremost cafe, bar and restaurant brands. Enjoy fine dining, entertainment, and a great service experience.  


The Wilcheck Enterprise (WE) has invested in some of the foremost franchised hotel and resort brand names. Enjoy dining, entertainment, activities, tours, scenic tours, helicopter flights and state of the art mobile office vans.

The Enterprise

With the combined efforts of family and close relatives, the Wilcheck family have created an alliance to formulate an investment enterprise. Their focus will mainly concentrate on properties,   restaurants and hospitality. Check for updates on our locations,  special guest memberships and exclusive offers.  

Our Portfolio

  • Luxury Concierge 40% 40%
  • Condo Property Rentals 30% 30%
  • Bar & Restaurant Investments 20% 20%
  • Hospitality Investments 10% 10%
Projects: 2018 - 2019
Project: Paramount Miami WorldCenter

Project: Paramount Miami WorldCenter

Luxury Condos for Rental in Miami, Florida

At nearly 27 acres, Miami Worldcenter is at the epicenter of the city surrounded by High street retail which is thriving in downtowns across the country. It offers more of an urban shopping and dining experience like that of Soho, Rodeo Drive and Lincoln Center and provides a true center to the city.
Project: Luxury Organic Cafe and Academy

Project: Luxury Organic Cafe and Academy

Luxury Organic Cuisine and Vegan Culinary Academy

Cafe Luxi. A luxurious organic cafe style eatery. Find some of the finest organic foods, refreshments, and desserts from around the world. Freshly brewed coffee and juices made every day. Want to learn vegan and organic foods cuisine, take classes at the state of the art facilities right upstairs. Coming January 2018.
Project:  Metropica Luxury Condominiums

Project: Metropica Luxury Condominiums

Luxury Condos for Rental in Sunrise, Florida

In one of the most prestigious areas of South Florida, a tropically inspired architecture with brilliance is being constructed. A high-concept design with metropolitan ideals. Dine, socialize, entertain, lounge, and uncover a majestic experience at the Metropica Community.


Project: MOVA - Mobile Office Vehicles of America

Project: MOVA - Mobile Office Vehicles of America

Luxury Mobile Office Vehicle Rentals in Miami, Florida

Need to conduct business when you travel? Annoyed by the fact that your wasting precious business time doing the driving. MOVA has the answers and more. MOVA has luxurious mobile office vehicles for all of your business travel needs.